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NAPREX Natural Products for Export
NAPREX Quality Assurance Systems
NAPREX Evolve Yourself and Your Business

1- As NAPREX Natural Products for Export our lines are:
    Natural Colors: Cochinilla and Red Carmine from Cochinilla
    Herbs Spices and Condiments from A, to Z
    Raw Materials for Industries, Hotels and Restaurants
    Product Development by specific request of client

2- As NAPREX Quality Assurance Systems we assist you implementing:
    Quality Assurance Systems
    Good Hygiene Practices
    Good Manufacture Procedures
    HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points
    Taylored Workshops Seminars and/or Retreats according to your Business needs
    Tools for Quality Assurance in your Business and Industry Processes
    Quality Management System under ISO 9000 Standard

3- As NAPREX Evolve Yourself and Your Business we guide You, the Staff and the Employees
  Defining a unique Mastermind Group towards the achievement of goals you define according to your Business own Purpose.

Additional Information:Esther Coronel de Iberkleid
Tel 730 07479 (In La Paz)
591 730 07479 (Rest of the world)

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