jueves, 31 de diciembre de 2009

HOW WAS THE IDEA: “NAPREX: Natural Products for Export” BORN

In 1992, 18 years ago was born the idea, to implement in Bolivia, after what was called at that moment Alternative Development Project to the Coca Leave, a company that would process the natural colour Red Carmine from Cochineal.

The product was intended to be “the red gold” from Bolivia, indeed this was very far from being true.

Worldwide the use of synthetic red colours was intended to be discontinued since they were considered as carcinogens and harmful to human beings. Indeed, that situation, did never happen.

As we did not have in the country an amount of raw material Cochineal stable and continuous, I had the idea to begin dehydrating products that may be easy to find in big amounts locally. And so, NAPREX began dehydrating garlic, hot peppers, onions, parsley, celery, and to formulate the respective salts of garlic, of hot peppers, of onions, of parsley, and of celery.

The idea was to develop in Bolivia a line of products of the highest quality that would compete with the best imported products.

The next step was to increase the offer importing other products which raw materials were not available in the country. NAPREX achieved the goal of having a list of more than 200 products to be offered in the local market.

After that we decided to develop formulations, working with local food companies, restaurants, coffee shops and persons requesting till today our high quality products, having no level of comparison with others offered in the market nowadays.

And then NAPREX pursuing its own growth implemented the area of consultancy assisting other companies as clients in GMP: Good Manufacture Practices and Good Manufacture Procedures, and HACCP: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.

Being our GOAL to give our best to our clients we now offer Business Coaching through Mastermind Group in your company, motivation to your staff of workers, and tailored courses according to your specific needs.

We promise our continue change and self growth towards the future to help you be the best in your company, in 2010 as we did before for the highest good of the society in which we all work.


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